mardi 24 août 2010


Apple’s iPhone , puts the world virtually in your pocket. But because it does so much, there’s a lot to know about using it! This full-color guide shows you how to find and play music and videos; use the full-featured keyboard; get driving directions and stock quotes; send e-mail; take, browse, and organize photos; work with contacts and appointments — and even talk on the phone. You'll find out how to:
  • Activate your own service
  • Master the multitouch interface
  • Turn on the speaker phone
  • Use Visual Voicemail
  • Get video, podcasts, and RSS feeds
  • Surf the Web with your iPhone
  • Browse your iTunes library and create playlists
  • Send and receive text messages and notes
  • Choose wallpaper and ringtones
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Lock your iPhone and secure your stuff
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