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Gospel Evangelist Bishop Eddie Long - Life & Times

Gospel Evangelist Bishop Eddie Long - Life & Times
By []Richard Blake
Bishop Eddie Long is a multi talented businessman and theological extraordinaire with a consuming passion to restore souls and heal spiritual wounds in communities that is unmatched. Long is impassioned, driven and emboldened by biblical teachings to empower souls, spread the gospel and make a difference in communities and in society as a whole. Bishop Eddie Long is a successful businessman, theological academician, evangelist and motivational speaker all rolled into one unstoppable force for good.
Born in Huntersville, North Carolina to Hattie and Reverend Floyd Long, Eddie Long graduated with a business administration degree in 1976 from North Carolina Central University. His early career began in the secular world of corporate management: he undertook management jobs first at the Ford Motor Company near Richmond, Virginia and later, with Honeywell in Atlanta, Georgia.
While pursuing his corporate career early in his life, Long never lost sight of a deep spiritual
calling, a calling which would eventually take center stage in his life with an all consuming       energy and passion. In 1981 Long secured a license to minister and four years later in 1985,       was ordained Pastor at Morning Star Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Long's thirst for       ministering was matched only by his desire for theological knowledge and excellence; and in       1986 he achieved a Masters of Divinity accreditation at the Interdenominational Theological Center
(ITC) based in Atlanta.
In 1987, two years after his first ordination as Pastor at the Morning Star Baptist Church,       Eddie Long became pastor at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia.       Long is today a senior pastor at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, now in Lithonia,       Georgia. Under his stewardship, the membership grew from a mere 300 in 1987 to over 30,000       today, through a combination of insightful business acumen, his charismatic style and a measure of divine favor, as he himself puts it, "God had to teach me and grow me. As I'm growing, the       congregation is growing."
Although the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is situated in an affluent neighborhood,       under Long's stewardship, it has actively engaged the poor and needy within neighboring       communities with a broad spectrum of social outreach programs targeted at all sectors of the       community including youths, seniors, single parent families, drug dependent addicts and other       deprived and underprivileged sections of society.
Bishop Long passionately believes much of society's ills derive from poor education from an early age, which he believes causes young people to deviate away from the path of God, towards juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, immorality and other deviant activities which ultimately costs society spiritually, emotionally and financially. To try to correct some of these ills, Bishop Long has sought to engage youths proactively with a series of sustained outreach programs, youth academies and other projects and has made an enormous impact by transforming and empowering many young adults; succeeding where the educational system had failed.
In all that he does and says, Bishop Long is driven by an uncompromising mission to revitalize       and restore society with redeeming biblical and moral efficacy; and is not afraid to express       his passionate beliefs. Following the fatal stabbing of a High School pupil by another pupil in 1997, Long preached to a large assembled audience at the school, ministering and passionately calling for the spiritual redemption of the students. Critics in some quarters lambasted the bishop and accused him of infringing upon the First Amendment by mixing secular matters of the state with issues which they believe ought to be kept within the confines of the church. Long, however, remains undaunted in his opposite doctrinal belief, that the redemption of the state depends ultimately on the adoption of biblical precepts and that these precepts must be allowed to permeate throughout society as a whole.            
Long is married to Vanessa and the couple are blessed with three sons and a daughter: Jared, Edward, Eric and Taylor. The bishop has written numerous empowering books and helped produce gospel music albums on CD. Today he remains intensely active and appears on television throughout the world on the show Taking Authority. He also makes regular appearances as a guess speaker at Christian conferences and events.      
Bishop Long is not only revered locally within communities, he is also highly respected throughout the United States and the world as a visionary that has imparted much needed dynamic leadership, integrity and compassion to a troubled world. His life's work will be remembered by many for generations to come.
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