mardi 21 septembre 2010

How To Make Money With URL Shorteners

How To Make Money In Today's Economy
There is one particular new URL shortening service that has just been launched - the world's first that actually offers revenue to its members based on how many people click the shortened links that they send out all over the web. Given that these links can point to anything you like (not just sites that are trying to sell you something!), there seems to be a massive untapped market and potential for earnings. Today we look at some of the fastest and easiest ways to make money with short URLs - hold on to your Paypal account!

1.Tweeting with short URLsPeople are quite used to clicking on shortened URLs in Twitter ... and the microblogging site sees a massive amount of traffic every day!

2. Sharing links on Facebook
Facebook is one of the biggest activity hubs on the internet ... and its social! People will often click links because their friends recommended them, their fellow group members told them they thought it was interesting, and other people who 'Like' the same pages they do recommended visiting. The best part of earning money this way is that you don't have to share unrelated links that will annoy people - simply put your short URL in place of the regular one!

3. Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, Qzone
All of these social networking sites have a massive amount of traffic - most of us probably have friends on one or more of them, but as on Facebook, the real short URL clicking potential is in sharing information with other members of 'Groups' or 'Pages' and their equivalents on Bebo etc.

4. Your blog
Blogs are an amazingly rich source of clicks - and you can use your anchor text to point to a short URL just as you would to point to an ordinary length URL.

5. Blog comments
Many net-izens realize that blog comments can be just as rich and comprehensive a source of information as a blog post itself. Choose your type of blog post carefully - the ones where people are most likely to actually read that other comments and click in the links on them are in academic, scientific, political and current events niches.

6. Yahoo Answers
It's always useful to provide extra information in your Yahoo Answers in the form of a link - make it a conveniently shortened one and you'll be earning cash by helping inform people.

7. Forums
The same principle applies to forums - answer a question well, than provide extra information in the form of a shortened link.

8. Email jokes
It is always advisable to use shortened URLs in emails anyway, because of the possibility that the email client will break a long link. You can use anchor text with the shortened URL within an email message, just as you can with blogs.

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