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Who is it ,Malcolm Douglas

Malcolm Douglas (March 14, 1941 - September 23, 2010) is an Australian wildlife documentary filmmaker, and the Crocodile Hunter. Douglas began in 1960 as a professional hunter of crocodiles, but later dedicated to their preservation. In 1964, 23, Malcolm Douglas and his friend David Oldmeadow ditched their jobs as a stock and station agents in the Riverina region of New South Wales and make a six-month trip around Australia. Six months turned into four years. It was a journey that shaped Douglas future. When the couple traveled and studied, they filmed their movie adventures.The later made into a documentary film on top, which still contains notes record for a documentary on Australian television.He will produce more than 50 films and documentaries for Channel Seven and Channel Nine. Filmed in 2008, his series in six episodes of Malcolm Douglas Bush was presented in 2009, Channel Seven high rating on Saturday night, winning its four timeslots within six weeks. Based on these classifications the end of a series of Channel Seven repeats again in the second series of documentaries Douglas, In Search of the Great Bar. 23. September 2010, Douglas died in a car accident in his Wilderness Park, 16 km (9.9 miles) north of Broome, Western Australia.Douglas found crushed between his vehicle and a tree, police reports, said that his death was not suspicious, but not sure of the cause of the accident. Previously Douglas had battled prostate cancer. Douglas is survived by wife Valerie and his two adult children.

Discover affiliate programs, which used to earn easy money

Discover affiliate programs, which used to earn easy money
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Before AdSense
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Other programs quarter income Any affiliate program that pays residual income is really worth taking because they can earn more. Since these affiliate programs pay a subscription, until their members who have signed to stay in the program. These programs include membership programs, such as hosting services and automated
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